Всем привет!

Today I thought I’d give you an insight in the Russian visa application system, seeing as I’ve recently had to go through it to get a student visa for this year. To do this, I thought I’d just provide you with some quotes from the last couple of weeks of faffing about.

So without further ado, let’s begin:

Oh Jesus Christ they want an HIV certificate”

Where do you even get that from?”

Oh bloody fantastic I have to go up to London”

Why do they need FINGERPRINTS!?


Oh my God just let me into your bloody country already”

I have to go up to London AGAIN!?

Sorry that costs HOW much!?”

Are you having a laugh!?”

Oh wonderful, another vitally important document that I desperately need has been delayed again”

“No it’s fine I’ll just try and get in illegally, it’ll probably be easier than this bullshit”

Oh no, don’t worry, I know my passport number off by fucking heart at this point”

I mean, the Russian border force will probably waste less of my time than the Visa office”

They want to know EVERY country that I’ve been to in the last 10 years!?”

Lord above, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning and they want me to remember my family holidays from when I was 8 years old”



I swear to God if I ever meet the Russian immigration minister I am going to hit him

Oh my God the Embassy website is straight out of the 1990s”

I am going to either cry or hit someone in a minute. Or both.”

Why did I even pick Russian?”

Oh yes, because I’m insane.”

And now I’m even more insane because I have to recite my passport number AGAIN!?”

I could probably go on but I’ll leave it there. The next blog posts are probably going to be about Russia so if you’re interested in hearing about that keep an eye out. And if you’re not interested, read them anyway. Please. I live for views on my mediocre blog.

До свидания!




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